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Bensdorp introducing low fat cocoa bean powder rich in fibers

October 08, 2008
Bensdorp sets a new standard by introducing a cocoa bean powder that is naturally rich in fibers. Applying this innovation to your products can make a significant contribution to a more balanced and healthier diet!
No added fiber, only native cocoa fibers
Raw cocoa beans are a rich source of dietary fiber. Bensdorp has developed a special process that fully respects the natural origin of the cocoa bean and preserves very high levels of the native dietary fiber. This makes the Bensdorp cocoa powder unique in at least two ways:
  • It contains nothing but the natural, native fiber from the cocoa bean itself;
  • the high levels of fiber are maintained through natural processing without chemical solvent.
Contributing to a more balanced and healthier diet
Bensdorp’s cocoa bean powder naturally rich in cocoa fibers contains more dietary fibers than standard cocoa products. It can therefore contribute to a healthier and more balanced diet.
Adding this cocoa powder to your applications can make the difference in staking your health claims!
  • naturally rich in fibers
  • reduced sugar/calories
  • related health claims based on sufficient fiber intake may also be made, when proven to be functional (effects on maintenance of a healthy colon transit, cholesterol levels, etc.)
If you want more information about this product from Barry Callebaut, or if you want our assistance on applications, technical issues etc., you can contact your sales representative directly.