Herwig Bernaert

Competitive advantages


Largest sized and global R&D team, worldwide partnerships with institutes and scientists and broadest offer of products and services: Barry Callebaut is the reference for innovation in the cocoa and chocolate industry.

Capabilities & Expertise
  • Broadest global R&D capabilities: largest network of pilot lines, application labs and CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ demonstration and training centers
  • Largest sized, most focused and experienced R&D team:  more than 500 technical customer visits per year
  • Approximately 30 partnerships with Universities, Research Institutes, labs, scientists etc. around the world
  • 9 human clinical successful studies performed in 2009-2011 to support health claims for Efsa approval
Intellectual Property
  • More than 35 patent families recently filed, providing unique technology
  • Around 40 international patents filed
  • Proprietary product & process knowledge leads to more effective outsourcing
Broad Offer
  • Ability for industrial volume of above-grade beans/products
  • Broadest offer of certified chocolate, compounds and fillings
  • Broadest industrial supplier of decorations, inclusions, and printing products
  • More than 1900 ongoing projects (>850 successfully closed)
  • Implementation of large outsourcing deals leads to repeat outsourcing
  • Successful at premium specialties: Terra Cacao™, Certified, Nut fillings
  • Deepest new product funnel – 83 new products under development
  • Prize-winning agronomics research (Selbourne cocoa plantation in Indonesia)