Sustainable Cocoa

Sustainable cocoa

Securing cocoa supply
At Barry Callebaut, it’s all about chocolate and cocoa. The origin for chocolate is cocoa. So the cocoa bean is our most important resource. Thus, one of our most important objectives is to secure cocoa supply. Currently, global chocolate consumption is increasing - particularly in the emerging markets in South America, Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Growing demand
By 2020, the industry will need one million tonnes of chocolate additionally. That means: The demand for cocoa, especially sustainably produced cocoa, will rise considerably. To meet future demand, we take action today – by ensuring effective and sustainable cocoa growing. Our long-term target is to increase both production volumes and quality.

What we do
Our aim is to raise productivity and quality of the cocoa. In order to achieve this aim, our efforts start at the very beginning of the supply chain: in the origin countries. We need to create the best conditions for cocoa farming. Improving Farming Practices as well as Farmer Education and Farmer Health is an important step to higher productivity and better quality. Our various programs and activities contribute to increase the cocoa farmer’s yields in a sustainable way.

Supplier guidelines
We have established clear guidelines for our suppliers, which have to comply with a number of requirements such as labor standards, quality and anti-corruption. This supplier code can be found here.