Innovation as a principle
Barry Callebaut is recognized as the reference for innovation in the chocolate industry. From its global innovation centers in Wieze (chocolate) and Louviers (cocoa), the company focuses on developing unique capabilities and expertise in four knowledge (discovery) areas: 1. scientific research into the cocoa bean; 2. the taste, smell, structure and mouthfeel of chocolate and cocoa products; 3. the purity and health aspects of products; 4. the development of next generation production processes. These are the areas that give Barry Callebaut a competitive edge and help the company to shape industry trends and respond to customer needs.

Nearly 70% of our sales volume are based on innovations developed in the last 5 years: newly developed products and optimized recipes. With 50% success rate, our Research & Development projects are extremely efficient. The figures show: Innovation is crucial at Barry Callebaut in every respect.