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Our innovative solutions are backed by more than 155 years of experience in producing chocolate and extensive research and development. This collective expertise enables us to meet the diverse and exacting demands of our customers with a wide range of standard, specialty and tailor-made products.

Standard products

With more than 1,650 recipes Barry Callebaut offers a huge standard range of chocolates, fillings and decorations, compounds as well as other cocoa and/or nut-based products for the chocolate, ice cream, biscuit, dairy or other food industries. The different compositions and the unique processing will determine the taste, the viscosity and the technical properties needed for your application. Our standard range offers these references in different packaging forms and shapes such as blocks, easymelts, drops, pearls, sticks or in liquid form (tank deliveries).

Specialty products

If you would like to find a competitive edge, our specialty product range can help you to achieve your goal. To add more taste, texture, color, pleasure or authenticity to your products, we can offer you our single origin chocolate, organic fairtrade cocoa and chocolate, cocoa nibs, colored and flavored chocolates, decorations, to name but a few varieties… We also have a range of inherently healthy chocolates like chocolates containing extra natural ingredients such as milk chocolate with honey or we can offer you reduced sugar and sugar-free chocolate.

Tailor-made products

On simple request, the R&D team of Barry Callebaut develops for you a customized recipe, adapted to your personal requirements regarding taste, raw materials, technical specifications, composition, etc. We will challenge your idea with our market knowledge when required. And last, but certainly not least, we offer you the kind of uncompromising quality you can stake your reputation on.

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