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A new generation of white chocolate: Cacao Barry® launches Zéphyr™

March 14, 2012
  • Perfect balance of whole milk and cocoa butter provides outstanding roundness
  • Product meets growing demand for less sweet and more fluid white chocolate
  • Available now for U.S. pastry chefs and confectioners in 5kg Pistoles™ box

Chicago, March 14, 2012 – Cacao Barry®, the French premium chocolate brand, is launching Zéphyr™, a slightly sweet white chocolate that is the perfect balance of wholesome milk and rich cocoa butter taste, for pastry chefs and chocolatiers in the United States. This Kosher Dairy chocolate is currently available in a 5 kg Pistoles™ box.

 “Cacao Barry developed this “modern” white chocolate recipe in response to growing demand for a less sweet and more fluid white chocolate,” said Alexandra Urbe, Brand Manager, Cacao Barry, Americas. “Like many consumers in other countries, Americans want to satisfy their sweet cravings with less sugar, Zéphyr™ is a new generation of white chocolate that meets that demand and craving.”

This fine balance gives Zéphyr™ its exceptional roundness, while its unparalleled smoothness is perfect for molding, enrobing, macaroons, fillings and mousse preparations.
It also is ideal for all pastry applications.

Like the “light and soft wind” of the same French name, Zéphyr™ will add a new touch of lightness to creations that will delight the most demanding chefs and artisans. For more information about Zéphyr™ as well as recipes, visit For images of Zephyr™, visit


About Cacao Barry® (

The French brand Cacao Barry® offers a range of high-quality cocoa products, chocolate coatings, fillings and decorating products. Its strength lies in the sourcing of cocoa beans in the origin countries as well as in mastering the processing of cocoa. Chocolatiers, confectioners, master bakers and pastry chefs all over the world choose the Cacao Barry® brand because of its perfect finesse and superior taste and texture. Cacao Barry® is a global Gourmet brand of Barry Callebaut, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate. 

Barry Callebaut:

With annual sales of about CHF 4.6 billion (EUR 3.6 billion/USD 5.0 billion) for fiscal year 2010/11, Zurich-based Barry Callebaut is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate – from the cocoa bean to the finished chocolate product. Barry Callebaut is present in 27 countries, operates around 40 production facilities and employs a diverse and dedicated workforce of about 6,000 people. Barry Callebaut serves the entire food industry focusing on industrial food manufacturers, artisans and professional users of chocolate (such as chocolatiers, pastry chefs or bakers), the latter with its two global brands Callebaut® and Cacao Barry®. Barry Callebaut is the global leader in cocoa and chocolate innovations and provides a comprehensive range of services in the fields of product development, processing, training and marketing. Cost leadership is another important reason why global as well as local food manufacturers work together with Barry Callebaut. Through its broad range of sustainability initiatives and research activities, the company works with farmers, farmer organizations and other partners to help ensure future supplies of cocoa and improve farmer livelihoods.


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