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Taste has evolved Cacao Barry® presents the next generation of chocolate couvertures: ‘Toute la pureté de la nature’*

August 03, 2013

The world is changing fast. And taste is evolving along with it. Consumers demand authentic, intense flavours – true to nature. Or better: closer to nature than ever before. That’s why chefs are responding to this demand with a changing cuisine: less sweet, more intense, pure and less processed. This cuisine demands chocolate couvertures that perfectly embody such purity and intensity. Cacao Barry has found a thrilling answer to this evolution and proudly presents ‘Toute la pureté de la nature’ – a new generation of chocolate couvertures. Discover Ocoa™, Inaya™ and Alunga™.

Following in the footsteps of Charles Barry

In 1842, the pioneer Charles Barry set out to explore Africa in search of the best cocoa beans for his connoisseur chocolate. Today, Cacao Barry® returns to the source, to explore new ideas that push the taste of chocolate couvertures to a higher level. We discovered that the key to more intense and pure cocoa flavours lies in the premium quality fermentation of the cocoa beans. Fermentation is a crucial step in developing the taste precursors in the cocoa bean. Yet, new insights in how to optimize the fermentation technique, yields a purer, more intense cocoa flavour. 


“In fact, it is a funny coincidence that we can enjoy chocolate flavour. No plant, no fruit, no seed has the ability to give us chocolate taste by itself. Not even the cocoa tree. We need fermentation for that. We owe it to the natural fermentation in the cocoa bean that we can enjoy this taste. That’s why fermentation is so crucial. And why Q-fermentation™ is such a breakthrough.”


Gino Vrancken – Cocoa Fermentation Manager for Cacao Barry.


Q-fermentation– capturing the purest cocoa flavours from nature

Years of painstaking research into the intricacies of this complex process have yielded important insights into how flavour precursors are developed during fermentation. Only specific micro-organisms, naturally present on the soil and plant leaves in the plantations, induce perfect fermentation. This means a fermentation that awakens the best flavours in each bean – without impurities, without imperfections. Others micro-organisms have an undesired effect on taste. Cacao Barry succeeded in identifying those micro-organism that have a beneficial effect on the fermentation process. By encouraging these organisms to naturally induce the fermentation process and regularly controlling and aerating the fermenting bean pulp, a superior quality fermentation is obtained, yielding beans with intense taste and near to zero impurities or off-flavours.

This new method, called Q-fermentation™, is the source of the purest cocoa beans ever yielded by nature.


“’Toute la pureté de la nature’ is the first generation of chocolate couvertures that really goes to the essence of chocolate taste. It doesn’t focus on dominant fruity, spicy or other notes, yet it does what no other chocolate does so well: it captures the natural cocoa taste and all its intensity. Therefore, this chocolate gives me the liberty to create. I can pair it with the widest variety of other ingredients imaginable. What’s more… when mixed with other ingredients, the chocolate taste really stands out and is not diluted. For chefs, this is the next step in the chocolate evolution.”


Ramon Morató – MMAPE (Best Artisan Master Confectioner of Spain).


A unique collaboration between Cacao Barry and cocoa farmers

The Q-fermentation™ method is applied by dedicated farmers. All farmers were selected and trained in best agricultural practices and in applying the unique care, necessary to obtain such high quality results. From healthy soil and tree management techniques to harvesting and post-harvesting care: it all is part of Cacao Barry’s training program. Farmers are taught to hand pick the pods when fully ripe, to open them by hand to not damage the beans, to regularly check and aerate the fermenting beans and to sun dry the beans into perfect chocolaty brown cocoa beans bursting with flavour.

100% traceable: from farmer to chef

Cacao Barry® knows every farmer and can trace every bag of cocoa beans back to the farmer. All farmers receive premiums for their dedicated work. This symbolises the honest, pure and authentic origin of the product. This guarantee of traceability also appeals to demanding chefs who attach great value to an authentic connection between farmer and chef.

For unrivalled pure and more intense chocolate taste in your creations

Now, Cacao Barry has launched a new range of chocolate couvertures using cocoa beans from the Q-fermentation™ method. It is called “Toute la pureté de la nature”. With the chocolate couvertures from this range, demanding chefs can now boost the flavours in their dessert, pastry and confectionery creations with a pure, more intense cocoa taste. Furthermore, each of these couvertures has been developed around specific applications and allow chefs to create perfect end results:

  • OCOA™ 70% cocoa has been created for enrobing and fine moulding.
  • INAYA™ 65% yields perfect results in mousses, ganaches and mœlleux.
  • ALUNGA™ 41% is the most intense milk chocolate ever created and promises perfection in mousses and ganaches.

With these new chocolate couvertures, Cacao Barry aims to support chefs in their everyday challenge to delight their customers with intense taste creations and perfect end results.

‘* purity from nature

Cacao Barry, inspiring your creations

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