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Election of the Best restaurant in the World - Cacao Barry, exclusive chocolate partner of the World’s 50 Best

April 19, 2011


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Meulan, France, 19th of April 2011 – Cacao Barry, the Premium chocolate partner for passionate artisans since 1842, was chosen to be the exclusive chocolate sponsor of the World’s 50 Best event, which happened in London, UK, the 18th of April.

During this international meeting, the World’s 50 Best Academy, which gathers 837 members, chosen for their expertise and knowledge of the restaurant world, had to elect the best restaurant in the world for 2011. This year and for the second consecutive year, Mr René Redzepi from the Restaurant Noma, in Copenhagen (Denmark) won the title among 500 nominated Chefs.

To support the Chefs’ creativity and to share their common passion for chocolate, Cacao Barry gave the opportunity to the 650 guests to discover or re-discover two of its unique Origin chocolates, through delicious tartlets, specially made for the event: one with Saint Domingue Origin chocolate 70% cocoa and salted caramel, and one with Cuba Origin chocolate 70% cocoa and Grand Marnier®.

During the Ceremony, Cacao Barry also awarded Björn Frantzen and Daniel Lindeberg, from the Restaurant Frantzen / Lindeberg, in Stockholm, Sweden in “the one to watch” category. This specific prize was to celebrate the high potential of this restaurant. It’s sure that we’ll hear about it in the next coming years!

To close this amazing event gathering the Best of the Best from the restaurant world, Cacao Barry offered to all guests its exclusive “World’s 50 Best” chocolate tablet, made in its Or Noir™ Lab in Meulan, France, and specially developed by the Cacao Barry Chefs. This avant-garde Or Noir™ Lab was created in 2007 to give the possibility to chocolate makers to fashion the perfect blend and an exclusive taste signature for their own chocolate. This ultimate experience of personalization is the first in the world of its kind and available for dedicated professionals.

Through this partnership, Cacao Barry demonstrated once again that, thanks to its expertise and know-how, products and services, “the brand” is now part of the most demanding Chefs community from all around the world. 


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