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Cacao Barry® presents “Alto el Sol”: it's a long way to perfection

May 03, 2007

Alto el Sol leaflet

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In its pursuit to find new exquisite chocolate flavors, Cacao Barry®’s team ventured deep into the Peruvian jungle to discover a small cocoa plantation whose harvest displays true vintage character. The new “Alto el Sol” chocolate owes its unique taste to the exclusive origin of the cocoa beans. It allows chocolatiers to add an authentic touch and a sense of adventure to their creations.
For more than seventy years Barry Callebaut’s gourmet brand Cacao Barry® has been a reference for high-quality chocolate, always striving to create better and finer chocolate to satisfy the world’s most renowned chocolatiers.
As with vine, the taste of quality chocolate depends on the provenance of the ingredients. Only top quality cocoa beans grown at a single plantation can be transformed into ‘vintage’ chocolate.
With this in mind, Cacao Barry® created its Millésime 2006, the “Alto el Sol” chocolate.
This single origin chocolate couverture is made from pure Criollo organic cocoa beans, found on a small plantation in the middle of the Amazon jungle. All members of the Saavedra del Castillo family grow and harvest the crops with great care and expertise. The cocoa beans are then transported down dark jungle rivers on boats before they are turned into sublime tasting chocolate.
The “Alto el Sol” Millésime 2006 is defined by its unique character with an intense aroma. It has a strong cocoa flavour, even with only 65 percent cocoa, and is uncommonly fruity and slightly acidic.
The launch of this superior-tasting chocolate couverture marks an important milestone in the new positioning Cacao Barry® in the premium gourmet segment.
The exciting journey to discover new chocolate flavors will continue.