Der Schweizer David Pasquiet zählt zu den weltbesten Chocolatiers

Oct 30, 2013

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David Pasquiet kämpft in Paris um den Titel des World Chocolate Masters 2013

Oct 24, 2013

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Taste has evolved Cacao Barry® presents the next generation of chocolate couvertures: ‘Toute la pureté de la nature’*

Aug 03, 2013

The world is changing fast. And taste is evolving along with it. Consumers demand authentic, intense flavours – true to nature. Or better: closer to nature than ever before. That’s why chefs are responding to this demand with a changing cuisine: less sweet, more intense, pure and less processed. This cuisine demands chocolate couvertures that perfectly embody such purity and intensity. Cacao Barry has found a thrilling answer to this evolution and proudly presents ‘Toute la pureté de la nature’ – a new generation of chocolate couvertures.

Jove Hubbard steps up as U.S. Chocolate Master to compete at 2013 World Chocolate Masters Finals

Jul 19, 2013

Jove Hubbard will represent the United States at the 2013 World Chocolate Masters, hosted by Cacao Barry®, Callebaut® and Carma®, the gourmet chocolate brands of Barry Callebaut. Hubbard will replace the previously announced winner, Jean-Francois Suteau, who was compelled to withdraw due to unforeseen circumstances.

Le CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ Centre Callebaut® de Wieze, le plus grand centre au monde - Début des travaux

Jul 04, 2013

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