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Barry Callebaut introduces its new ‘Decoration Inspiration Lab,’ which officially opened its doors in Zundert (the Netherlands) on February 7, 2013. It translates Barry Callebaut’s tireless search for innovation, and offers customers a trendy, specialised environment to create endless variations of concepts with its decorations and products. The Lab presents Barry Callebaut’s decoration range in all shapes, colors, textures, designs, applications and tastes, allowing customers to identify their ideal tailored application.

Special highlights

Marzipan Decorations

NEW Marzipan Decorations  
The Marzipan decorations are perfect for personalization: small, thin and crunchy plates of sugar and almond powder, adding an element of fun to food applications. They can be printed with any decor (seasonal, personalized, branded, story-telling) and can be cut into any desired shape.