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Water-based fillings

Whether for bakery, pastry, biscuit and confectionery applications, we offer a range of water-based fillings with tastes ranging from neutral (for personalization) to both dark and white chocolate, and with textures from smooth to ganache-like – always with a pleasant mouth feel. Their low AW-values guarantee maximized shelf life stability. 

Fat-based products

With our extended range of fat-based fillings, any application becomes possible. With tastes ranging from dark or white chocolate to almond or hazelnut, and excellent end results both in and on finished products, the sky really is the limit.


Special highlights

Tintoretto fillings are deliciously smooth, ready-to-use, and highly compatible with chocolate. They can easily be aerated by up to 30%. Due to their specific melting profile, Tintoretto fillings ensure a perfect flavor release and a pleasant, creamy mouth feel. Available in a variety of colors ranging from white to dark brown, Tintoretto fillings also come in many different flavors ranging from coconut to orange. Caramel and dark are the latest additions to this classic line-up.

And that’s not all. The three neutral base fillings – with a white, milk or dark chocolate color – give you the possibility to create your own personal signature filling by adding your preferred inclusions, fat-based flavors and coloring agents.

  • Based on non-lauric, non-hydrogenated fats and low in TFA
  • Can be processed at room temperature or after warming up (to 30°C)
  • Good fat bloom resistance
  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • For confectionery, biscuits and bakery after baking applications

Creamy Filling 
The ready-to-use Creamy Filling is a fat based filling that combines the delicious richness of a buttery texture with longer shelf life. It has a full, creamy taste with hints of vanilla and a balanced sweetness.
It can be aerated by up to 50% to create a much fluffier and smoother texture. This reduces the weight per volume, and makes it much lower in calories per volume than traditional butter cream. Aeration also gives the Creamy Filling its specific melting profile, which ensures a more pleasant mouth feel. What’s more, aeration increases the filling’s compatibility with chocolate. For an extra personal touch, you can mix in inclusions, coloring and flavoring agents.

  • Based on non-lauric and lauric fats and low in TFA
  • Can be processed at room temperature
  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • Ideal for biscuits and bakery after baking applications and some confectionery applications, to name just a few of the many possibilities

Désir fillings are fat based fillings, available in white or dark. They contain 45% of dark chocolate or 34% of white chocolate, to ensure a delightful sensation. These chocolate rich fillings have a smooth bite and are ideal for your quality molded products. The white and dark filling can be blended together, to create an intense milk chocolate filling. The white Désir can also be personalized by adding your preferred flavors and inclusions; the possibilities are endless!

  • Based on non-lauric and lauric fats and low in TFA
  • Requires tempering (26°C) as it contains high levels of chocolate
  • Good fatbloom resistance
  • Shelf life: White Désir 12 months, Dark Désir 18 months
  • An intense chocolate filling, ideal for confectionery applications