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Standard compound products: Compound specialties:
Dark compounds Colored & flavored compounds
Milk compounds Nut based compounds
White compounds  

Standard compound products

Dark compounds
Barry Callebaut’s dark compounds are ready to use: no tempering needed. They offer taste sensations ideal for mimicking dark chocolate and with their technical specifications, they match even the most specific applications. In textures, we offer a choice ranging from the hard “chocolate-like” crack to a smooth and soft texture.


Milk compounds
The taste of our milk compounds varies from creamy to more intense or sweet. Their possibilities are endless, ranging from a very complex (sugar) confectionery to bakery and ice cream applications. They offer a choice in textures – from soft to hard – and maximized convenience: no tempering needed.


White compounds
Our white compounds are likewise ready to use and allow you to enrich your applications with a perfect sweet or full-bodied creamy coating. In textures, you can opt for a soft texture or a hard snap.


Compound specialties

Colored & flavored compounds

With our colored & flavored range, you can differentiate any application with playful fruit touches in taste and color. No tempering needed, thus offering maximum convenience.

Nut-based compounds

Our nut-based compounds offer a fine taste, combining cocoa with hazelnuts or almonds. Their excellent technical properties open up possibilities in applications such as enrobing and glazing.