Full Fill Factory

Biscuit & bakery


The three main segments of this market comprise the sweet biscuit and cookie segment, the cakes and pastries segment (which includes Danish pastries, doughnuts, snack cakes, brownies, filled croissants, bread and bread products including bread loaves and rolls, plain croissants/viennoisserie and bagels) and the baking ingredients and mixes segment.

In both of the first two segments, there is a trend towards more indulgent, premium products. At the same time, an increasing number of vitamin or mineral fortified products are appearing on the market, in addition to the well-established range of low fat products and products for allergy sufferers. In the bread segment there has been a rise in speciality breads as they are seen as more than simply a basic, staple food.

We serve this extremely diverse market by supplying a very wide variety of products including bake stable chocolate, bake stable fillings, decorative pieces, powders, chocolate and compounds, health chocolate and certified chocolate.

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