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Standard chocolate products Chocolate specialties
Origin chocolates

Standard chocolate products

Dark chocolates
With tastes from mild and sweet to extra bitter, we can offer you an extremely wide range of dark chocolates. What’s more, we can tailor the viscosity of the chocolate to your applications.
Milk chocolates
From creamy and soft to sweet caramel-like or even intense cocoa, you can have milk chocolate just as your customers like it, and as the perfect match to your product concepts. Viscosity can be adapted to suit your application.
White chocolates
You can choose the taste of your white chocolate ranging from sweet or milky, to full and creamy, with subtle top notes of caramel. You can dream of any application: we’ll deliver the right viscosity.
Chocolate powders
These powders are 100% chocolate – available in dark, milk or white. With their fineness and special technical features, they are ideal for decoration, dairy and ice cream applications.

Chocolate specialties

Superior tasting chocolates
Terra Cacao™ chocolate is an exciting new innovation in superior tasting chocolate based on revolutionary new cocoa cultivation and fermentation methods developed by Barry Callebaut in collaboration with local growers. Terra Cacao™ has virtually zero defects or off flavors, resulting in a 100% natural chocolate with an unprecedented harmony of pure tastes and rich aromas. www.terracacao.com

Certified chocolates
With over 17 years of experience in certified cocoa and chocolate, Barry Callebaut began with certification programs long before present-day interest appeared and is now a leading global supplier of certified products for the food industry. Because of its extensive presence in origin countries, Barry Callebaut sources and supplies more than 100 product references of certified chocolates and cocoa powder and has projects with all of the main certification programs. These programs include developments for Fairtrade, Organic / Fairtrade, UTZ certified and Rainforest Alliance Certified™ products. The group further offers “Fair for Life” certified products through its subsidiary Biolands.

To further the interests of both quality and sustainability, Barry Callebaut launched its own Quality Partner Program in Côte d’Ivoire in 2005. Including some 58 cooperatives and over 42,000 cocoa farmers, Barry Callebaut’s Quality Partner Program reinforces its direct sourcing initiatives while guaranteeing better quality produce and a better life for farmers and their communities.
Origin chocolates
In only a few places on Earth, exceptional cocoa varieties are grown. Exceptional because the combination of terroir, botanical species and care by the local farmers yields cocoa beans with an amazing flavor potential. These cocoa beans express more than just the cocoa taste. These beans often reveal floral, grassy, woody, herbaceous or fruity flavors and aromas that are refreshing and unique at the same time. Barry Callebaut sources these beans, sometimes in the remotest plantations, on the edge of the world. Only the best beans make the cut for our Origin chocolates. Each Origin chocolate is dedicated to the beans from one single region.

We roast them at a lower temperature to preserve their character and sensorial complexity. We grind them into extremely fine cocoa liquors to guarantee they release all their subtleties. We mix them with the best sugars and or milk powders and conch them no longer than necessary to maintain the delicate, fruity acids that make these chocolates so remarkable. Origin is the chocolate to make your mark. It’s the chocolate that pushes the boundaries of flavor. It’s the chocolate that lifts your confectionery, desserts or pastries into a bright sensorial experience.

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Flavored chocolates
With our flavored range, you can add a different chocolate taste to biscuits, bakery products or confectionery. Think of chocolate enriched with real caramel, strong cappuccino or of milk chocolate with a real honey taste! Each of these chocolates is based on 100% dark or milk chocolate, and offers an exciting extra flavor.
Chocolate & nut mixtures
Premium chocolate combined with first class nuts have always been popular among consumers. To respond to their needs, we offer you a range of classic giandujas and nut pastes with an amazing taste and excellent technical properties.


Re-balanced chocolates
Challenge us to help you create nutritionally improved products without compromising on taste.

The risk of health problems is increasing because of growing consumption of energy-dense foods high in fat and sugar as well as our more sedentary lifestyles. Re-balancing chocolate can make a significant difference by helping promote a healthier lifestyle and a healthier well-balanced diet.

As the world’s leading cocoa and chocolate manufacturer, we have developed a new generation of chocolate products that meet the need for better health choices without giving up the sense of indulgence. Barry Callebaut accomplished this by re-balancing a line of chocolate products with an improved nutritional profile that are ideal for all kinds of chocolate applications. We can help you create innovative and exciting new chocolate concepts without compromising on taste. These concepts can offer several nutritional benefits.

  • Sweet solutions
    • Chocolate with Stevia-extract:
      The chocolates sweetened with Stevia extract are sweetened with a sweetener solution containing among others a natural extract (steviol glycocides) from the Stevia plant.That’s great news for consumers who want to enjoy an indulgent treat and at the same cut down on sugars or replace them.
    • Sweet by Fruits chocolate:
      The first chocolate with 100% natural sugars straight from the fruits. A chocolate that brings you maximum flavor and is made with the best of nature without any refined sugars.The natural fruit sugars used in Sweet by FruitsR are 100% physical extracted.
    • Tooth-friendly chocolate:
      This development is a special processed tooth-friendly chocolate sweetened with isomaltulose, one of a new generation of sugars that are safe for teeth. This delightful chocolate, loved by children, combines the original pleasure of conventional chocolate with attention to dental care. Barry Callebaut’s tooth-friendly chocolate is clinically tested, endorsed by dentists and is the first sugars-based chocolate to meet the criteria for the Happy Tooth quality seal.
    • Other alternatives:
      Chocolates without added sugar, sugar free and fiber enriched chocolate
  • Free from solutions
    • Dairy free chocolate
      100% Taste - 100% Natural - 100% Vegan - 100% Kosher Pareve
      Barry Callebaut's Dairy Free milk chocolate alternative is made with rice powder instead of milk powder. That makes it suitable for those with dairy intolerances. Its sweet, mild and overwhelming flavor and creamy mouth feel have made it an all-time favorite in most cultures, especially among children. What’s more, it has a sustainable character, for a healthier lifestyle and a healthier planet!
      Barry Callebaut’s Dairy Free milk chocolate alternative offers the same ease to work with as classic milk chocolate. This delicious alternative guarantees the best results in a wide range of applications.
    • Lactose free chocolate:
      This chocolate is made with a special skimmed milk powder with the lowest lactose content on the market and preserves all the goodness from the milk taste. Extremely difficult to distinguish from classic milk chocolate and delightfully attractive to all kinds of chocolate lovers!

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