Bensdorp red cooca powder from Cameroon

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Barry Callebaut has a comprehensive competency in the manufacturing of chocolate flavored products – from sourcing the cocoa beans to our customers’ final product application. Our fully integrated supply chain ensures high quality cocoa products are delivered throughout the world. Our world-renowned brands, such as Bensdorp or Barry Callebaut, bring almost two centuries of tradition, quality, innovation and service to a wide range of cocoa products such as cocoa liquors, cocoa butter and cocoa powders. Passionate by our customers’ final applications, we work closely with them to identify together the ideal product contributing best to their success.


If you want more information on Barry Callebaut cocoa products or if you want our assistance on application fields and technical issues, you can contact your sales representative directly.

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Our product range includes:

Cocoa liquor

Cocoa liquor

Cocoa liquor (also called mass or paste) is the key ingredient in chocolate. Being the component that provides the cocoa flavor, it provides the true “signature” of any chocolate product. As the leading chocolate manufacturer in the world, we at Barry Callebaut know about the role of cocoa liquor in chocolate production. Therefore, we have developed a wide range of cocoa liquors based on cocoa beans from different origins, with various specifications and roasting conditions.

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter

Natural or deodorized, Barry Callebaut’s cocoa butters have been used in the production of chocolates throughout the world providing the melt in mouth feeling, complementing the cocoa flavor and ensuring consistent crystallization of the products.

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder

The 2 most important attributes of cocoa powder are its abilities to give color and flavor to a wide spectrum of food applications. With its world famous Bensdorp brand, Barry Callebaut has over 170 years of cocoa powder expertise. Building on the Dutch heritage, we developed a wide range of fine powders available in a variety of taste profiles and color intensities in both low and high fat contents – from light brown to deep dark red and black. Barry Callebaut works closely with its customers to identify the best powder according to the final application. Let the taste and color do the talking! See what our natural and ditched powders do for your bakery, desserts, drinks, confectionery and ice-cream or frozen foods applications!

Specialty products

Cocoa specialty products

Barry Callebaut’s cocoa products range also includes some inspiring specialties such as powdered cocoa butter (Mycryo), crystal cocoa powder, defatted cocoa powder, croquoa cocoa inclusion and roasted cocoa nibs to enable our customers find new ideas/or solutions in their final chocolate flavored product applications.